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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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About AEVape - Vape Online Shop

In the catalog of our store AEVape - Vape Online Shop you will find proven vapes from leading brands and manufacturers. We offer really high quality products at affordable prices. Our devices allow you to enjoy vaping anywhere and anytime! The advantages of electronic cigarettes: - Allows you to get rid of physical and psychological dependence on tobacco. - Protect you and your loved ones from the negative effects of carbon monoxide and tar. - Vapes are a breakthrough in healthcare and environmental protection. First of all, e-cigarettes were created with the goal of eradicating the bad habit quickly and effectively. They do an excellent job of both treating and preventing tobacco addiction. In comparison with a cigarette, during the smoking process more than 4000 harmful substances are released, and when using a vape 30! The only substance found in e-cigarettes that is harmful to the body is nicotine. But even in this case, purified medical nicotine is used, the harmful effects of which are minimized.

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02 Jun 2022

Tasks: store sales; consulting clients on the company’s products; registration of transactions and control of payment of invoices; no experience in sales? no problem, we will teach you! Conditions: we make out from the first day of training; salary consists…