Personal Assistant To Managing Director

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Job Description

Job Title: Personal Assistant Type of Position: Full-time Joining Date: Immediately Interview Date : 24-January-2021 Education: Any of the following: - Bachelor of Commerce or Arts, Diploma in professional office management, Diploma in Commercial Practice, Bachelor of Business Administration Experience: 2 - 3 years Dubai Experience Total Compensation: AED 3750/- Monthly Salary AED 3,000/- Basic Salary AED 600/- Travel Allowance AED 150/- Phone Allowance To know more about Varal-Singhania Group, please follow the below link To be considered for this position, please upload your application to the link below by copying and pasting it into your browser to open it. Any applications left on the portal and not uploaded won't be accepted or processed Varal's mission is to make it easy for people to apply to institutions in the United Arab Emirates [UAE] via automation. The first step is to build a Document Vault and Chat function accessible via an app and desktop with RPA in the backend. :

  • Must work in the Office located in 1 Lake Plaza, Cluster T. Dubai, everyday. And work weekly in Meadows 9 with MD.
  • Be disciplined to work and comply with Varal guidelines, TKI's, Values, and Polices.
  • Be Punctual.
  • Be neat in your disposition,conduct and attire.
  • Assist MD in documentation, administration and clerical works
  • Check Email daily at regular intervals and respond quickly with accuracy.
  • Prepare an engagement calendar, due date list and deadlines and work in advance.
  • Inform MD on all important mails.
  • Prepare letters/email using standard templates of the company and get it checked with the legal team before submitting to MD for signature/e-signature.
  • Get prior approval from MD while replying to important mails.
  • Ensure to inform MD if any decision making should be done before any action.
  • Prepare cheques neatly and correctly.
  • All financial documents of MD to be handled with a high sense of responsibility. Payment against credit cards, annual membership renewals, insurances and other personal savings / investments to be monitored in regular intervals. All due dates of payments / renewals to be notified and inform MD well in advance for payment and seek prior approval/decision.
  • Ensure all payment / renewal/due to be settled in time without fail.
  • Keep tabs of all renewal / payments of property services. Communicate with previous agents, request for quotations, prepare comparison sheets and approval from MD.
  • Keep an accurate list of engagements and remind MD at the appropriate time.
  • Keep a record of all incoming and outgoing mail/courier.
  • Organize/Save documents in both google drive folder and on JIRA projects.
  • Maintain good order of documents/e-documents required to be retained by the MD.
  • Be able to initiate action and sustain it to completion along with regular feedback to MD.
  • Be updated with the latest business policies of the UAE.
  • Assist MD in preparation of google presentations.
  • Handling of office gadgets and safeguarding office inventory.
  • PA to act promptly on work/directions given by MD. PA to liaise with the concerned section to fulfill the requirement of MD and get the work completed on top priority.
  • Expedite action to be taken if MD faces any computer/technical bug. PA to inform HABOT team for regular maintenance & technical assistance.
  • Keep confidentiality and cyber security while handling the personal/official documents of MD and Company
A Personal Assistant shall be defined as an executive assistant who is assigned to MD to deal with personal and business correspondence. He gets his work done on time, whether the MD is present or not and also facilitates MD to do things in time by reminding him. PA relieves MD from the task of looking at unimportant details so that MD can focus on more important issues. PA should be diligent with a high sense of integrity, punctuality, initiative, responsible and loyal. PA must have the ability to multiply his effectiveness and that of his MD as well. PA, in effect, is an extension of the personality of MD. He should be diligent and faithful with initiative, loyalty, dependability and responsibleness. Varal Consultancy is digitally transforming to a Remote working Company. Hence PA has a vital role as he/she will be the only single point of contact for Senior leaders, employees and clients. PA must have the capability to achieve optimum results with the most economic and efficient utilization of resources. PA should be informed and attentive on all aspects of the business. PA will be incharge of the office, documents and its inventory. PA will be an authorized representative of Varal consultancy who will be working on behalf of the company wherever a physical attendance of Varal representation is required including banking meetings etc. Skills required:
  • Must have professional competence.
  • Sound knowledge in English language with good command on verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to prioritize the work and act accordingly.
  • Ability to prepare draft notes, emails and reply to emails.
  • Ability to take note down the oral directions/instructions and to transcribe it and do other typing/printing work as directed by MD
  • E-literate with ability to work on JIRA, Trello, Slack, google sheet, google document and google presentation.
  • Ability to cultivate good contact within the company(Team leaders and employees) and outside the company(Clients and dependents of MD).
  • Ability to anticipate the needs of MD and act accordingly.
  • Adequate knowledge in banking, internet banking and financial transactions.
  • Proficiency in following telephone etiquette.
  • Ability to shoulder additional responsibilities
  • Ability to keep the spirit of teamwork.
  • Ability to multitask.
  • Ability to initiate action and sustain this through to completion.
  • Ability to withstand stress.
  • Must be dependable.
  • Following proper and regular feedback systems.
  • Ability to present any information via Google Sheet / Excel unambiguously.
  • Willingness to work out of office to get things done in banks, jurisdictions etc.
  • Must know the application of 5-S in daily routine.
Who Should Apply?
  • Ability to apply professional knowledge confidentially.
  • Previous experience of working in Dubai.
  • Previous experience of secretarial/administrator jobs .
  • E-literate with ability to learn company specific software if required.
  • Adequate knowledge related to bank accounts and financial transactions.
  • Willingness to take shoulder additional responsibility.
  • Enthusiastic in routine work.
  • High sense of professional integrity.
  • Ability to accept the work and respond quickly.
  • Ability to multitask.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Ability to handle and gadgets & safeguard office inventory.
  • Desire to follow a system meticulously.
  • Continuous improvement habit.
  • Demonstrate the ability to assume responsibility without direct supervision.
  • Cooperation, spirit of teamwork and positive attitude towards work. company.
Application Process:
  • Your application along with the others will be shortlisted as quickly as possible
  • Next those within the 1st shortlist will be invited for preliminary interviews by an HR led panel
  • Check in your SPAM folder to make sure that you haven't missed it since the interviews will be held quickly
  • The 1st interview will be held on: 24-Jan-2022, via Google Meet and you will be informed on the same day whether you have been shortlisted for the next round of interviews.
  • If the interview panel is running late for your appointment, wait patiently. They haven't forgotten you
  • Those in the 2nd shortlist will be given a project to see whether they understand the job requirements and can actually do the job. This will also give you an opportunity to see if you want to become a Varalian and work with Varal.
  • Those successfully completing the project will be invited to 2nd Round of interviews to present their projects, via Google Meet, which will be held a few working days after the 1st round of interviews.
  • Those successfully completing the above round will be invited to final interview with the CEO and MD, which will be held a few working days after the 2nd round of interviews.
  • Your presentation should be around 30 min. Details will be given with the project assignment.
  • The selected person will be given a contract for an unlimited period and be expected to join Varal immediately.
Job Type: Full-time Salary: AED3,750.00 per month

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